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The Providence of Grass Eric Fisher Stone The Providence of Grass is a poetry collection that invites the reader to be humble before and to accept the slow moving, though inevitable realities of death and the cosmos. One central image of the book is grass, a plant that usurps empires and breaks through abandoned concrete. The transience of specific places, even the entire Earth, is illuminated, and the far future of the sun enveloping the world (what astronomers say will happen in several billion years) is mentioned more than once. The reader confronts the impermanence of life. It’s Not Love, Unfortunately Lylanne Musselman It’s Not Love, Unfortunately is a volume of poetry that explores experiences with relationships over a span of a lifetime; from finding out early on that moms and dads are not all like Ward and June Cleaver, to learning that boys are after more than friendship in junior high, to marrying at eighteen and learning what an abusive relationship is all about, to finding the survivor within, divorcing, and after years of searching for love...finally coming out around forty years old, the poet finds that relationships with women can be just as frustrating and abusive as those with men...and that no matter what station you are in life, and no matter what side of the fence you sit never comes easy and is even harder to find. Nevertheless, this volume of poems will leave you with a few tears and a few smiles, but will never leave you feeling alone.

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