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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does CHP not charge a fee to publish a book? CHP is a traditional publisher with new ideas. CHP earns income from selling books rather than charging authors publication fees. How long will it take to publish my book? Every book is a unique piece of art. Some books require extensive copy editing and formatting while other books are ready to publish. You can anticipate the turnaround time from signing the contract to publication to be between 8 - 24 weeks. Does an author have to be a minimum age? Since an author must enter into a legally binding contract they must be 18 years old or older. Do you accept submissions from outside the United States? Currently CHP is only accepting work from the United States. What genres is CHP interested in seeing? CHP is open to a wide variety of books. At this time CHP does not publish coffee table books, screenplays/scripts, text books, children's picture books or books of quotes. What languages does CHP accept for publication. At this time CHP only accepts publications in English. Does my book have to be a minimum length? Fiction = 6,000 words minimum Non-Fiction = 4,000 words minimum Poetry = 50 poems minimum Do I need an agent to work with CHP? CHP does not require an author's agent. I have not copyrighted my work yet, is that a problem? The best practice is to officially register the copyright of your work. CHP will always give preference to work that has been copyrighted and will strongly encourage an author to do so. For information on the copyright process visit Are illustrations/photos allowed? Will CHP provide illustrations for my book? Yes, illustrations are allowed. CHP can provide an illustrator for books if needed. Can I use a pen name? Pen names are acceptable, but all contracts and royalty checks require your legal name. A pen name does not guarantee anonymity. It is advisable to consult an attorney regarding the use of pen names. Does CHP provide an ISBN? Yes, a unique ISBN is provided for each book. Does CHP offer an author advance? Typically CHP does not typically provide author advances. Does CHP offer editing and book cover design? While CHP does provide minimal copy editing, an Author should only submit work that has been edited and reviewed. Cover design is provided for accepted works. Author's may submit their own cover, but they will be responsible for all charges to have the work developed outside of CHP.