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Three New Releases

Little Black Dots A Short Story Collection Peter Barlow Tragic and farcical, melancholy and exuberant, Peter Barlow’s first collection of short stories display a unique versatility and a willingness to shine a new light on corners of ourselves that are difficult to capture.  They cover everything from a personal gravestone shopper going back to his ancestral home, to a depressed businessman recovering in the solitude of a lakeside cabin, to a photographer who finds himself caring for a sea lion pup, to three tales of the misfortunes of a small Indiana town.  Sharp, insightful, and wicked in turns, Barlow’s stories will have you wishing you knew what came next. Housing Projects, Mansions & Schools An Educator’s Odyssey Roger Prosise This is the life story of a boy from Cabrini-Green who grew up to be the superintendent of Bannockburn School in one of the wealthiest communities in the country. It is a tale that begins with life in a notorious housing project raised by an alcoholic father and ends with a successful career and life. It is a saga many are born into, but few find the path out. Go On Breathe Freely! 2 weeks, 3 cars, 5 guys, coast to coast POEMS, THOUGHTS, GRIEVANCES Tom Pescatore Written in rain-soaked notebooks folded and tucked into the back pocket of worn-down corduroys, this collection of poems tell the tale of a ragged band of East Coast wanderers out to find that mythical American freedom of the West.

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