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Two New Releases

The Prowess of Immodest Emptiness Peter V. Dugan There is a rebellious spirit wandering through Peter Dugan’s poems, all-American, contrary and ageless. In these pages find an heir to the decades-young urge to the untamed, unchained existence. Hurricanes may flood his home. Neighbors may try to crucify him. But choppers, chrome and rough weathered leather are his metrics, and in the aesthetics of his poetry the measure of a man is his rebellion – and the machines that transmute him from a mundane creature of societal gray to an open throttled, clutch popping engine roaring icon of the American night. Which is the shovel head, which the fourteen year old boy who suddenly knows what he wants to be? Don’t ask. Just mob the curb, reader – watch him as he rides away. George Wallace, poet Cathedral of the Flowing Locks Barbara A. Barton Barbara Barton’s essay, Words from a Warrior, took first place in the Biting the Bullet essay contest and is included in this memoir.  Barbara mixes humor and the pain of truth together to come up with colorful stories from her life that will make your spirit smile. Barbara Barton is an Associate Professor of Social Work at Western Michigan University where she principally teaches Leadership and Organizational Development courses at the Master’s level.  She has been in the rehabilitation and brain injury fields as a clinician and an administrator for over 20 years.  She is a proud Michigan State Spartan with a number of service and teaching awards.

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