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Two New Releases

How to Come and Go Jo Barbara Taylor In mapping our coming and going, Jo Taylor gives us a nuanced portrait of a place, the rural Midwest, shows a fiction writer’s feeling for people and character, and creates a music that lodges her imagery in our memory. Her explorations of place open into a vision of “the ruins of time,” the advances of change, and the coming darkness of death, yet she has the poet’s eye and ear to sing that “the wind whispers alleluia through the reeds, / wild geese whine an alto chorus.”  Norbert Krapf former Indiana Poet Laureate Potholes in the Universe Frederick Michaels Michaels returned to creative writing upon retirement.   Some of his poetry is historical in scope, while other  poems are light and poke fun at language.  Commenting on Buffy Sainte Marie to Vogon poetry,  Frederick Michaels emerges as an authoritative voice.   His precisely crafted poems do justice to his mission  statement: "The poet's responsibility is/to teach,  provoke or beguile,/lest words ring hollow/and shatter  upon the floor"                                               JL Kato      Poetry alters reality.

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